Our Mission:

Aligning the future.

At the American Aligner Society we help patients, general dentists and orthodontists regain control.

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Taking back our profession

Make a stand with the American Aligner Society (AAS), whose mission is to “take back” the Orthodontic profession from Corporate Aligner Companies.  Our profession has been materially affected by a profit-only motivated controlled orthodontic aligner industry which affects Doctors, whose treatment decisions are manipulated through sales quotas and use of Proprietary 3D Scanners and Software, and patients, who are sold on a “one-size-fits all” product that may or may not be ideal for them. Our mission is to continue providing high quality orthodontic treatment with both as-required conventional treatment options, as well as aligner options that are offered at a fair and reasonable price.  AAS serves to protect the value of a medical profession which pledges to protect the value of wholistic orthodontic services and, therefore the patient-public as a whole.


Why this is important...

There should be no single company or brand that dominates, dictates, or controls Doctors treatment decisions. In any other industry, this would be deemed a monopoly that negatively impacts the fairness of the consumer public. Through the control that these corporations now maintain over Doctors, the orthodontist’s capacity to make appropriate and individual treatment decisions has been materially impacted and the consumer public is led to believe that professional orthodontic oversight is no longer important. As a result of this new industry dominance, orthodontists and dentists no longer have the freedom to choose the best option for their patients, and many fear the consequences of a powerful corporation bearing down on them with serious legal or financial consequences. It is therefore the intent of the American Aligner Society to protect the orthodontic industry as a whole, by keeping watch on unfair corporate tactics premised solely on financial outcomes for manufacturers and their stockholders.


Benefits of Membership

The Public


The AAS provides a forum for patients to see and better understand the actual providers’ clinical experience in using various aligner techniques, as well as understanding circumstances in which an aligner product may, or may not, be appropriate. In addition, patients will be able to view providers’ aligner preferences (clear aligners vs hybrid aligner & braces), as well as member accomplishments and background in the Orthodontic aligner industry.


The Members

Member Portal

Orthodontic practices which serve as Aligner Providers can list practice locations, years in practice, holistic treatment options, aligner experience, orthodontic knowledge base, and whether or not they are paid consultants for aligner companies. By offering open access to how and why each provider offers aligner treatment, the public will be offered transparent into a member’s history, ability and skills.


The Labs

lab portal

The AAS lab portal facilitates aligner lab access to Members with best pricing options. With this information, each provider can determine the best pricing and lab specific treatment options for their patients. Members will find flat-rate pricing, shielded from Corporate influence.


Who we are...

We are a group of like-minded Orthodontic Providers looking to level the playing field with Corporate Orthodontic influencers. By standing up for what’s best for our patients and our profession, we hope to be the Voice of Reason and Source of Facts for anyone looking to find the Truth in Orthodontic Aligner treatment. We seek transparency for both doctors and the public, where both can learn and participate in the future of Orthodontics and its delivery systems. Many current Associations no longer represent the industry properly when corporate executives are able to manipulate pricing and strategies outside of the orthodontic office. As a result, there is no longer transparency in many of the Associations we are asked to support, as public decisions are manipulated by advertising for a utopian alternative to conventional orthodontic oversight. The American Aligner Society seeks to unite Orthodontists and General Dentists through a dedication to Best Practices for the patient’s best interests, while helping to secure superior results. TOGETHER we can make a difference in patient’s smiles and the lives they lead.

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How it works...

By joining The American Aligner Society, orthodontists and dentists will secure their role in the aligner treatment conversation, control better pricing for participating Doctors (and their Patients) while also securing our various roles in the future of orthodontic treatment and services (a future not controlled by Corporate influenced medical decisions). Membership in AAS will allow us to stand as ONE VOICE, not influenced by outside profit motives, but as American Aligner Society Members.

We believe in TRANSPARENCY and TRUTH in our industry.



Join the fight!

The American Aligner Society was founded on the premise that the use of clear aligners is undoubtedly the future of orthodontic treatment. With membership opening in the Spring of 2018, our membership (Diplomats, Fellows, and General Members) will be consist of Doctors who fully embrace aligner treatment and offer it as part of their orthodontic services (not as THE solution). We believe there is no single aligner system that offers the ideal solution for every orthodontic situation. Most often it involves a mix of both traditional braces and aligners.

It is, therefore, the purpose of our Society to promote best clinical uses of clear aligners and braces from our Members.



We are launching full membership in the spring of 2018. Register Now for early access to the American Aligner Society at a special introductory price.


AAS values your input. Please reach out with ideas and how we can take back our Profession!