Taking Back our Profession

Putting orthodontic treatment back into the hands of doctors while shielding our patients from unjust pricing, advertising, and misleading information online.


Stand With Us as we take back our profession from corporate aligner companies who have controlled orthodontic aligner treatment, based solely on profits. No longer will doctors’ treatment decisions be manipulated through doctors’ sales quotas and use of proprietary 3D scanners, software and printers. Our mission is to provide high-quality orthodontic aligner treatment at a fair and reasonable price while protecting our profession and the public as a whole.

We are a group of like-minded doctors and labs, looking to level the playing field with corporate orthodontic industries. By standing up for what’s best for our patients and our profession, we hope to be the voice of reason and source of facts for anyone looking to find the truth surrounding orthodontic aligner treatments. We seek transparency for both doctors and the Public, where both can learn and participate in the future of orthodontics and it’s delivery systems. Our current associations no longer represent us properly when corporate executives sit on boards as ‘public’ figures, all the while manipulating pricing and strategies in back rooms. There is no longer transparency in the associations we are asked to support when we cannot trust the advertising they put out to the public. Current advertising stating that specialists are somehow superior and more capable of aligning teeth than their general dental counterparts is not a productive dental team building activity. Our American Aligner Society seeks to bring orthodontists and general dentists back together to rediscover how best to co-treat patients for superior results. Together, we can make a difference in people’s smiles and the lives they lead.
By joining our cause, we can stand together and fight as one. We can control the online conversation, influence better pricing for our doctors and their patients, and create a new future for orthodontic treatment and services. A future not controlled by corporate America, but one controlled by doing what’s right for the public and doctors; seeking best treatment options for their patients. A membership in our society will allow us to stand as one voice, which will not be overly influenced by Wall Street and tech companies. We believe in the truth.

There should be no single company, proprietary piece of equipment or product that dominates or controls our ability to use such devices to treat our patients. That’s deemed a ‘monopoly’ in other industries and has adverse effects on the public in general. Doctors no longer have the freedom to choose the best option for their patients when they fear a dominant monopolistic company will bear down on them, with slick legal or financial tricks to exploit the doctor’s decision. Doctors cannot, in clear conscience, choose a best option for their patients when they fear a corporate tactic will prevent them from choosing correct treatment, rather than correct product manufacturer. It is therefore the intent of the American Aligner Society to keep watch on unfair corporate tactics being used to manipulate patient treatment, based solely on financial outcomes and benefits for any particular manufacturer and their stockholders.




The public will be able to see the honest and accurate number of patients orthodontic that our member doctors have completed. Member doctors will populate this page with their own data. Consumers will be able to research and select an ideal provider for their needs.


Aligner providers can list practice locations, treatment options, fee range and knowledge base. The public will be offered an unbiased lab controlled pronouncement of member’s ability and skills.


The Labs will be able to communicate the best treatment and pricing options with AAS providers. This will level the playing field among aligner companies. Members will find flat rate pricing shielded from competing companies influence.

No longer will aligner companies be allowed to dictate treatment and pricing, which fairly lies in the hands of the providers’ decisions and licensure. In the end, the public will be able to receive the best clinical outcomes, at the most fair prices and fees.

The AAS will open membership in Summer of 2019.
Be among the first to join the society and help align the future.

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taking it back….together



Putting orthodontics back into the hands of doctors
and shielding our patients from unjust pricing