The Public

The public will be able to see the honest and accurate number of patients orthodontic that our member doctors have completed. Member doctors will populate this page with their own data. Consumers will be able to research and select an ideal provider for their needs.

The Members

Aligner providers can list practice locations, treatment options, fee range and knowledge base. The public will be offered an unbiased lab controlled pronouncement of member’s ability and skills.

The Labs

The Labs will be able to communicate the best treatment and pricing options with AAS providers. This will level the playing field among aligner companies. Members will find flat rate pricing shielded from competing companies influence.

No longer will aligner companies be allowed to dictate treatment and pricing, which fairly lies in the hands of the Providers decision and licensure. In the end, the Public will be able to receive best clinical outcomes at the fairest prices and fees.

The AAS will open membership in Spring 2018.
Be among the first to join the society and help align the future.

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